Vultures are scavenger birds, known for eating dead animal carcasses rather than hunting for themselves. Vultures are split into two categories: Old World vultures, in Europe, Africa and Asia, and New World vultures, in North and South America.

Did you know:

Old world vultures are critically endangered because of poachers poisoning carcasses.

Bearded vultures are the only bird of prey recorded to have killed a human being, one dropped a tortoise on a Greek prophet’s head!

Vultures are the ‘garbage men’ of the world they can digest any natural disease such as Ebola, Rabies, the bubonic plague etc and not have any ill effects.

Walt Disney loved Mice but didn’t like Vultures so he made them the villain of his films which has given them a bad reputation.

Our White backed Vulture Gypsy is the largest bird in the centre weighing around 11lb and an 7ft wings.pan