Raccoons are medium-sized mammals hailing from North America; as a result, they are sometimes known as the North American raccoon. Their dexterous front paws, facial mask and ringed tail are well-known characteristics, and are revered in the cultures of indigenous Americans.

Did you know:

Raccoons have particularly good memories and are able to remember solutions to tasks they learnt up to three years earlier!

The closest animals relation to a Raccoon is the Red Panda.

their latin name translates as before dog washer this is thought to be because they will often be seen rubbing their food in water with their paws before eating it which gives the impression of washing it.

The American government spent millions on dollars inventing a raccoon proof locking bin it took the Raccoons 3 days to work out how to open it.

Raccoons are one of the only mammals that can climb down a tree head first this is because they can rotate their hind legs backwards.