Other birds

Our collection of birds doesn’t just include birds of prey. We also have kookaburras, storks and many other birds giving you the chance to see and learn how they birds live and behave.

Did you Know:

Some of our birds are for breeding purposes, helping to ensure the captive gene pools are maintained but most of our collection is used for flying in our displays. These are ambassador birds helping us to educate the public as well as giving people the chance to appreciate them up close during our hands-on experiences.

Despite some birds only being carnivores they aren’t classed as a bird or prey, because they don’t have large talons and hooked beaks.

Kookaburra’s live in family’s called a ‘riot’

Kookaburra’s can hover above water in order to catch insects.

The red legged Seriema’s are from Mexico farmers use them to protect their chickens from snakes!

Storks live on all continents except from Antartica!