Meerkats are small mammals belonging to the mongoose family. Originating from Africa, meerkats usually live in groups of around 20, but can live in super-families of up to even 50.

Did you know:

A group of meerkats is called a ‘mob’, ‘gang’ or ‘clan’!

Meerkats can grow up to a family of 60 in the wild with only one mum and one dad Imagine having 58 kids!

They are supposedly the most intelligent of the mongoose family.

They are immune to Scorpion stings which makes the scorpion a tasty snack for meerkats.

They have so many different tones they officially have their own language in the animal kingdom.

Meerkats effectively have inbuilt sunglasses! The black around their eyes reduce the glare from the sun so they can keep a better eye out for predators.