There are a variety of different kites, including ‘hovering’ and ‘soaring’ kites. Their bills and talons are not as strong as other birds of prey, but they are equally tenacious and ferocious whilst hunting.

Did you know:

The Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis is often depicted as a kite!

Black Kites have been seen to use fire to have their meals, when a bush fire is near it’s they will fly down and pick up a branch that is still a light carry it to a patch of grassland and then drop it starting a new fire where the big animals trample the small and the kites can just swoop down picking up the small animals.

Kites can do what we call snatch lifting this is where they don’t have to land to catch their pry they can swoop down and skim things off surfaces and pass it to their beaks while still flying.

Yellow kites who live in Africa can’t afford to be scavengers so they eat a lot of insects to keep full as the competition is less for locusts than it is for carcasses.

Did you know man made kites actually get their name from these birds as they soar around the skies while hunting.