Falcons are birds of prey found on all continents in the world except for Antarctica. Like many birds of prey, falcons have exceptional powers of vision and, as such, are lethal predators.

Did you know:

Peregrine falcons have been recorded diving at speeds of over 200 miles per hour! That makes the the planets fastest animal.

Racing falcons in the middle east is a very important part of their culture, it is said that the SaudiPrince has 86 Gyr-Saker falcons!

Falcons range in size the smallest falcon " the Africian Pigmi Falcon" to the largest the "Gyr Falcon" of the far north.

Falcons are mainly sky hunters they get their power from their stoop so they mainly eat smaller birds.

Because of a special air sac that goes round their bodies as cushions their organs falcons can withstand up to the realm of 18G which is double the G force fighter pilots can cope with.