Millets farm falconry centre has specialised in offering wedding ring delivery, static and flying displays at weddings for over ten years. With a collection of over 70 birds of prey, a team of highly trained falconers and a dedication to high standards, we can make you special day that little more memorable.


  Ring delivery      

                  The opportunity to have your wedding rings delivered by one of our owls or hawks, amaze  and enchant your quest as one of our birds fly’s down the isle to land on your gloved fist giving  you your wedding rings .

Reception attendance          

              Static displays are a great way of entertaining your quests between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, we bring up to ten different birds to sit on their perches and allow your guests to get up close take photo’s ask questions and hold a bird, this is a great addition to any wedding photo album.

Flying displays   

        An opportunity to thrill your guests  with seeing a selection of our birds flying free with or with out commentary this is an ideal addition  before the meal or as any evening quests  arrive, un-wind and relax as the birds take to the skies.

Prices start from £275 + vat

      We tailor our displays to your requirement’s , ensuring you to have the day you want!

t o enquire please call :07912357484 or email