The History

Millets Falconry centre is now home to over 80 amazing birds of prey from around the world as well as many other incredible animals such as Ferrets & Meerkats.  The falconry centre at Millets Farm if still fairly young but the core values, dedication, passion and intern the collection of raptors began over 15 years ago at a small country house hotel called Fallowfields.

Fallowfields falconry was created by James Channon at the age of just 16. James fell in love with birds of prey at a very young age, visiting centres and watching shows across the country reading books meeting falconers and through hard work and determination James collated all of the knowledge and skills required and began his career working with birds of prey and chose to base his collection at Fallowfields hotel.

At first Fallowfields falconry only offered displays and experiences to the guests of the hotel but as time went on and a positive reputation was developed the small collection of birds was able to spread it wings and begin attending outside events and shows which making a long story short is how the connection with Millets farm was first made and fallowfields falconry were booked to host special weekend events and after many months of discussions, designing and building Millets Falconry centre was born and opened it doors to the public for the first time on the 4th of May 2013.

None of what has been accomplished and what you see today would have been possible without the unwavering support and hard work of James’s amazing wife Sharon Channon who joined James over 8 years ago in live and business.

Together James and Sharon with there two children Maddie (6) & Oliver (8w) continue to enjoy being able to work with birds of prey for a living and share their love and passion of natural world with the visitors to the Falconry centre and intern would like to thank you for reading and look forward to welcoming you to their Centre.