Shows & Fetes

Falconry displays are an excellent addition to your show programme or corporate event.

These demonstrations with birds of prey are accompanied with excellent commentary that is entertaining, educational and informative.

The sport of hunting with falcons and hawks is believed to date back at least 4,000 years and to have originated in the Far East. As world trade grew, so falconry spread to Europe, where it quickly became a popular pastime of royals and aristocrats, and for many other people a way of putting fresh meat onto the table.. Today it is hugely popular with people of all ages rediscovering the excitement and skills of working with birds of prey. A falconry display will promote and enhance your local event.

Every show is different so we are very flexable and are happy to work with you to achieve what you want,

We offer a full static display with a wide range of birds allowing the public to come within a few feet of our birds, A falconer is present at all times to answer questions ect. we also provide a marquiee to shelter the birds with well sotcked bird of prey related gift stall if desired