Photography Experience with Birds of Prey

At Millets Farm Falconry Centre

Fancy a go at wildlife photography? – Photo days at Millets Farm Falconry provide the perfect opportunity to perfect your skills.

Most of our customers enjoy gaining shots of our British native species, so we make sure they make up the bulk of the day. Our birds are all highly trained and will allow all guests to approach closely for highly detailed shots as well as those with a full backdrop. All our staff appreciate the need to leave you as little to do on photoshop after your day as possible so we make an effort to hide Jesses (the leather equipment used to ensure the safety of our birds) in all our shots.

The daily flying demonstrations are part of the day, during these you are welcome to move around the seating area to find the best position and it may be possible to have a place in the arena. (all we ask is that you consider other visitors and don’t obstruct their view)

Mixed abilities day:

A day crammed full of exciting settings. Birds in flight, taking off and landing, striking dummy prey, and flying close over water. This is one of the most rewarding photo days in the country. in the day you will have the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of birds of prey both as static shots and more challenging flying shots, no experience is necessary just be prepared for a great day out taking photos in the company of some amazing animals (and that’s just our staff!).

The day full day is charged at £99.00 per person inc, light lunch

Half day charged at £55 per person.

Discounted group rates are available so if you are part of a club or have a few friends who enjoy photography please contact us for more information and available dates.

 Please note this day will not run if there are less than 5 people attending, if in the unlikely event the day is under subscribed we will reschedule you to another day.

Any friends/family members of a participant on the Photography Day Experience are welcome in to the centre during normal opening hours, 10am onwards and are charged the entrance fee. They would be able to see the participant at certain times throughout the day but not accompany them on the experience.

The format and itinerary of the day is subject to change dependent on weather conditions.

gift vouchers available please call  03330 118527

Bespoke sessions: With the world of printing these days your perfect photo can be recreated into anything from mugs, wallpaper, and clothing to fine art prints and advertising boards.

If there is a bird in our collection that you have always dreamt of getting that perfect shot then we are very happy to help. Please bring your idea to us and we can tell you if we can bring it to reality. If you want that 4ft canvas print of a Snowy owl flying with its reflection back in the lake sitting over your sofa, we can make it happen, If it’s a Raven shot in moonlight we would be delighted to hear from you, and if it’s a macro shot of an eagle owls eye then we can do all this for you, let your imagination run wild, as


Photo experience