Owl Encounter

Just for owl lovers, this one hour immersion into the lives of these nocturnal predators. Owls are one of the most enigmatic groups of animals in the world and stir great passion in those that admire them.

We offer you the chance to Handel and fly a selection of our owls under the Guidance of the falconer You will learn all about how Owls live and behave in the Wild as well as how we train them In captivity.

You will have the opportunity to handle fly at least 3 different species of Owl followed by a guided tour of our aviaries where you will be introduced to our collection of Owls.

The session are completely 1 to 1 and are charged by the hour at a rate of £45.00 for 1 person or £80 for 2 people

Minimum age for this experience is 8yrs, any family members and/or friends accompanying to watch are charged the entrance fee.

Owl Encounter