Mission Statement

Millets Falconry’s mission is to: Provide a first class experience for all its visitors and at the same time further understanding and respect for all animals, in particular birds of prey.

We pursues the mission by:

– Enabling our visitors to experience a stimulating and enjoyable day out that is excellent value for money and time.

– Keeping animals in modern, naturalistic enclosures in accordance with best practice.

– Participating in co-ordinated breeding programmes.

– Giving priority to species that are threatened in the wild. – Increasing public understanding of species and their welfare.

– Increasing understanding of the issues involved in conservation and the breeding of endangered species.

– Supporting field conservation programmes in the wild, through fund raising events

– Developing its role as a centre for research.

– Promoting care for the environment through education and leading by example.

– Maintaining and developing an education programme from pre-school to degree level.

– improve standards of animal welfare