Falconry & Archery Days

Try your hand at two of the worlds most ancient arts they were both once a form of feeding your family

We now offer you a chance to try your hand at them.

In your day with us you will have the opportunity to fly a huge selection of birds from falcons and hawks to eagles and vultures and many more, you will be learning about how the birds live, work and behave in their natural enviroments as well as having an idea of how we train them in captivity.

The day starts at 9am and ends at 3pm

there is a 40min break for lunch.

A light lunch with tea and coffee is included.

We then move to the Archery  where you will be guided trough the history, looking at many different styles of bow from the English long bow to the modern day compound bow as well as trying your hand on our range under expert guidance.

The day costs £150.00 per person