An entrance fee is charged because we are an independent business situated on the Millets Farm site ,we are an additional attraction .to the farm animals and other activities run by Millets Farm themselves.

In exchange for sharing our collection of over 80 birds of prey with you we charge an entrance fee to cover all the overheads of running a business – all the general ones such as electricity bills, staff wages, rent etc. and also the more important ones that insure the birds well-being such as food and vets bills.

We hold a Zoo License and have annual inspections from the council and a specialist vet.

We have a vast and diverse range of birds including Owls, Hawks, Falcons, Eagles and Vultures all on display for you to wander around and view at leisure.

The entrance fee allows all-day entry so you can leave to visit other parts of the Millets site and return as much as you like in one day, each flying demonstration is different and a minimum of 30 minutes long.


Many Thanks

James & Sharon Channon