2 Hour Archery Experience

Try our all new 2 hour experience with professional archer Neil Holt

 Introduction to archery from around the world £95.00 pp

Sessions available daily

The opportunity to try your hand at several

different styles of archery from the traditional long bow to the modern day recurve.

This session is ideal for those not

necessarily looking to take up archery as a pastime but are looking for an unforgettable experience.


 1: Introduction to Archery, what is Archery?

 2: The History of Archery earliest forms to modern day

 3: Range Safety keeping the sport safe

 4: The Bow and Arrow, introduce the bow, arrows & equipment

 5: Archery Shooting After the demo shooting at the butts

 6: Break Coffee, tea or water

 7: other bow Styles Compound, Olympic recurve, Cross bow & longbow

 8: Long distance Target Demo of accuracy

 9: Continue with shooting improving the shot

please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.